Will Harris

Seeking Fall 2023 internships





Minecraft Server Manager Run, configure, and backup containerized Minecraft servers
Nft Trust Score Use trust graphs to verify the legitimacy of NFTs
Tableland Deals Protocol Perform multi-party operations atomically
Latexwatch Watch a directory for .tex files and compile them to .pdf
Monkey Protocol Feed, nurture, and explore with ERC-721 monkeys
Airdrop Merkle airdrop arbitrary ERC-20 tokens
DeArchive Decentralized internet archive with Chainlink and IPFS
Kangaroo Layer 2 Ethereum wallet Discord bot
Tempyl Simple templating tool in Python
Posture Check Discord bot that periodically gives posture reminders
Singing Grape Sing rounds with a grape that listens
Willcraft Minecraft clone in C++
Elm Todo Todo list implemented in Elm